The Power of Email Marketing

Successfully launching and running a business can be a rewarding venture for many aspiring entrepreneurs. However, while running day-to-day operations may come naturally, discovering how to attract and retain new customers may become a challenge.

Many dry cleaners have found it beneficial to implement email marketing campaigns as part of their customer retention strategy. Regularly collecting customer emails and using them for marketing purposes can be a powerful technique that helps build brand awareness and increases customer loyalty.
The Benefits Email Marketing Provides

Builds Credibility

Developing a relationship with your customers is the best way to ensure their continued business. Email gives you a great outlet to regularly communicate with your customers and build a credible relationship by providing helpful information and content. This content can come in the form of useful tips or advice or even promotional offerings for your products or services.

Boosts Sales

Email marketing campaigns are one of the cheapest methods of regularly boosting company sales. By collecting customer emails, you’re able to organically grow your outreach and make sure all your customers are promoted to as a collective. Timed promotions for your products and services are a proven way to help boost sales and keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Grows Your Customer Base

When your customers receive regular communication from you through email newsletters, promotions, and other company updates, they are much more likely to share this information with their network of peers. Emails are easily shareable and can provide a great way to attract new customers who aren’t familiar with your brand.
How To Collect Email Addresses

The first step to a successful email marketing campaign begins with collecting email addresses from your current and potential customers. While this process can take time, you can speed up this process by providing multiple ways for customers to give you their information.

First, on your company website, you can create a section specifically designed for a newsletter or promotional signups. If you can prove your emails will have value, through discounts or updated hours of operation, most customers will be happy to give you their information . Secondly, and perhaps the most effective, simply ask your customers when they are in-store! Offer a discount to customers for filling out (or updating) their information. Most

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any business that helps establish it’s brand and build its customer base. By collecting email addresses from your customers and regularly communicating with them, you will develop a healthy relationship that brings you repeat business for years to come.

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